Friday, October 8, 2010

Grab a Pen

Bags and Clock
Pack your bags.
Set your clock.
The Primitique
Soon opens shop.

No need to pencil this date in.
Go ahead, you can use a pen.

The O'fficial Grand Opening has been set in stone. The Primitique will celebrate its Grand Opening Saturday, October 30 from 10 am to 5 pm. (Can you hear me giggling from there?)

Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch (with whom we are joining forces) will be Thinking Pink that day. In addition to donating a portion of October sales to Breast Cancer Research, we are enjoying a "Living in Pink Country" event on Saturday, October 30th, from 10 AM to 2 PM. We'll have games, pink cotton candy, cookies and photo opportunities with an antique "pink" tractor!

Did somebody say PINK TRACTOR? The fun Pink Festivities will end at 2, but we'll be around til 5 or so.

OHHH! And guess what! We have added another event to The Primitique calendar.
2010October8_WnT's 011
Is your pen still in hand?

Saturday, November 13 from 10 am to 5 pm, you are cordially invited to "Christmas at The P." We'll have our Christmas decorations up for your buying pleasure. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Need directions? Click here. We're at 4757 Hwy 276 W., Royse City, Texas.

You very likely won't be able to shut me up about all this. But, if you would like to spread the news, we would be ever so grateful! Nab pictures. Steal stories. Link to The Primitique Website. Whatever you would like to do, I can tell you, we would so much appreciate it! Hugs from us to you!

And by golly, we sure hope to see you soon at The P!

Happy Weekend!


  1. 3 of my FAVORITE things.......old suitcases and old clocks!!! Love them!!! Cathy aka GGJ

  2. I would be so giddy I probably couldn't sleep!


  3. Congrats, I know you've been itching to make this announcement! :-)

  4. This is so exciting! Congrats to you!~~~~~~~

  5. Mindy, how do you girls do it? It seems that just a couple of days ago you posted a photo about the building in progress and now you have an opening date? I'm having to tell my costumers that God willing we will have a grand opening by the first weekend in November and the more I think about the more unrealistic it seems to me. If you were in my position, would you open anyway? The choices are half baked potato or late feast. I will sincerely value your opinion since I have seen you and your business go forward in a very successful way. Blessings, Marta.
    By the way I have a luggage fetish.

  6. CONGRATS! I live in Royse City and I can't wait! Yea, a good place close to me! I will be there. Thanks! ~JUDY~

  7. Yippee! The dates are on my calendar - can't wait!

  8. How exciting!!!!!!Nicole and I have been looking for a brick and mortor too:) We have one in mind, it is an old home. We will see. If it is meant to be it will happen, if not we will wait. I am very excited for you. I wish you lots and lots of success:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  9. You know.... you might just have me with the word "tractor"... LOLOL

    I can't wait - this is going to be SOME KIND OF CRAZY FUN!!!


  10. Yep - Right around Labor Day - in Contractor speak. Good Luck! It will be a grand ol' time.

  11. You look as cute as those dolls girl...

  12. Congratulations on your upcoming opening! How exciting! Oh how I wished I lived closer, I would be there fer sure! Stopped over at Red.Neck's and she's mentioned someone special is celebrating a birthday :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! I hope it is filled with family, friends, lot's of cheesecake and all your wishes and dreams come true!

  13. I heard it was your 19th birthday today:) It was written on a piece of duct tape on showed up on my computer. Just wanted to wish you the best birthday ever!!!!!!!Hope it is a very fun and special one for you:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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