Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It starts when I take the first ornament off the tree. That itch. Then I remove the stockings from the mantle. And the feeling becomes more overpowering. As Christmas treasures are boxed up, an overwhelming compulsion hits. The outright need and desire to clean and redecorate my entire home! It's a phenomenon that strikes every single year. Do you feel it, too?

As my friend, Shelby said: "It's creepy to me how putting one thing in a box just sets me on fire to organize the whole house!"

And when I think of my whole house needing attention, I am reminded that my closets are up for a revamp, as well.

Last May, I hosted a Clothes Swap and what a blast that was!
Skirts and Dresses
Me and 9 of my dear gal pals gathered with armloads of clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry. We enjoyed a brunch and then ooo'd and ahh'd over our new-to-us treasures. What we didn't swap with each other, we donated.
The Warm Weather Clothes Swap was so much fun I promised the ladies that we would do a Cold Weather Clothes Swap. With the cleaning phenomenon hitting hard, I do believe that now is the time.
Jennifer putting out clothes
Heads up my friends. Take advantage of the phenomenon. Clean, sort and minimize! If you aren't local to me, perhaps you could organize a swap in your area. This is a fun time and everyone feels good walking away with new-to-them stuff, leaving old-to-them stuff behind, and donating to a good cause. A win/win/win situation, really!

Click here to read a post I wrote after researching clothes swaps.

So, are you going to do it? I bet your friends are feeling the phenomenon, too. Take advantage and have yourself some fun!

Happy Day!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV

May your memories of Christmases past be warm, and may the making of memories this Christmas be special.

Wanna hear a great song about the Baby Jesus? My family Christmas memories include my clan singing this song together every Christmas morning.

I'll admit I haven't heard Dad sing it in a few years. And David just moves his lips and takes pictures.

Ok. So, every Christmas, my Mom and sister and I sing this song together and we have the best time! Maybe you can make some memories with it, as well.

Click here for some good toe tapping.
Silly Family
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conversation with the redneck

Me: "You know I love this top that you created from a vintage slip."
Robelyn: "Yup."
Me: "The rosette rocks."
Hog 014
Me: "And you know I love my redneck chic Hog pocketbook."
Robelyn: "Yup."
red.neck chic purse
Me: "And you know I use this redneck chic pocketbook daily."
Robelyn: "Yup."
Me: "Did you know I love this hat that you made?"
Robelyn: "Yup."
Me: "And you know I giggle every time I wear this Saddle Tramp shirt with fringe."
Robelyn: "He he he. Yup."
Pretty rnc
Me: "Robelyn?"
Robelyn: "Yup?"
Me: "I want every single thing in my wardrobe to be something you designed and made."
The P
Robelyn: "Ok. What brought this on?"
Me: "I am jealous of my dress form. She wears your creations every day and I want to, too."
Robelyn: "Tee hee. Ok. I'll get right on that."

Robelyn: "Will that make you happy?"
Me: "YUP!"

Happy Weekend!~Mindy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping, Fluffing and Photography

I got to shop today. I do love to shop!

See what I got? Dang, that shutter still makes me smile from the inside out.
Glitz Tree
And since y'all know I am into bling these days, here's a little something I got.
Lampshade Topper
Look! A lamp shade skeleton tree topper! No. I didn't make it. I bought it.
Glam Tree
Not easy to show in the big picture. But, check it out. Gloves. Pearl swags. Old necklaces. Brooches. Earrings. Whewy! I do love this tree!

So yes, I shopped. Then, I played at The Primitique. Visiting. Fluffing. Filling space. Picture taking. It's like a grown up playground, that store!
RNC creations
Here's a picture of some redneck chic goodness at The P.

Oh, yeah! After I took pictures, I played with developing said pictures. That can be fun! Watch this...
rnc goodies
And this...
RNC pocketbook
Would you check out the colors in that rnc pocketbook?

And this...
Pretty rnc
Isn't that purty?
Eagle Sign
Before leaving, I couldn't help but snap this pic of our signage.

The Primitique is located inside Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch in Royse City. The way I see it, any place that carries toys & knives, plus jewelry & antiques has pretty much everything you could possibly need. Can I get an amen?

Happy Day!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating at Home

How is your Christmas transformation at home going?
Chain Chain Chain
A couple years ago, I decorated my dining room windows with this rusty, old chain and ornaments.

This year, I am going with pearl swags and oversized bling.
My Dining Room
Understated can be fun, too.
Dining Room Windows
Love these big crystals!
Dining Room Table
The dining room table got blinged up.
Dining Room
That is Bumpkin, aka Bunky. She's all about the bling!
Christmas Goose
I hope your home is turning into your own beautiful version of Holiday Happiness!

Happy Day!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Redneck is Brilliant

Yes, that's Robelyn drinking Pennsylvania Dutch egg nog out of a mason jar. You know she's a redneck, right?

I have just got to share some of Robelyn's latest creations.
2010December3_TheP 003
This buck shirt is for girls. Don't you love it?
Saddle Tramp a division of redneck chic.
2010December3_TheP 005
Who wouldn't love this pink shirt under the Christmas tree?
Is that a pot holder?
Is that a potholder? I'm not sure. But, this could be my favorite shirt.

The Primitique has been chosen by the executive director of redneck chic as one of the privileged shops to sell the Saddle Tramp line. Can you say exclusive to the Dallas area? That's us!
2010December3_TheP 011
I do love the dove.
Zip Fringe
Oh! This zipper/fringe shirt could be my favorite!
10 point Buck - Saddle Tramp Shirt
Love this buck and the fabric!

We are carrying girls sizes up to women sizes. Two of the shirts you just saw are 22/24. If you have a special size request, please let us know.
redneck chic purse and hat
You know we cannot discuss redneck chic without showing off a pocketbook. This one happens to have a matching hat. Yes. It's available at The P. You better hurry!
There she is. The redneck. Head seamstress. Creative genius. Executive director. My friend, Robelyn.

By the way, I'm going to play with the red head this weekend on her stomping grounds.
2010November26_The P 013
We'll be drinking our egg nog out of The P stemware, cuz it makes us feel fancy. And yes. We'll be talking about you!

Happy Weekend!

ps. The Primitique is less than an hour from Canton. How convenient? We're open Monday-Saturday 8a-6p.