Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It starts when I take the first ornament off the tree. That itch. Then I remove the stockings from the mantle. And the feeling becomes more overpowering. As Christmas treasures are boxed up, an overwhelming compulsion hits. The outright need and desire to clean and redecorate my entire home! It's a phenomenon that strikes every single year. Do you feel it, too?

As my friend, Shelby said: "It's creepy to me how putting one thing in a box just sets me on fire to organize the whole house!"

And when I think of my whole house needing attention, I am reminded that my closets are up for a revamp, as well.

Last May, I hosted a Clothes Swap and what a blast that was!
Skirts and Dresses
Me and 9 of my dear gal pals gathered with armloads of clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry. We enjoyed a brunch and then ooo'd and ahh'd over our new-to-us treasures. What we didn't swap with each other, we donated.
The Warm Weather Clothes Swap was so much fun I promised the ladies that we would do a Cold Weather Clothes Swap. With the cleaning phenomenon hitting hard, I do believe that now is the time.
Jennifer putting out clothes
Heads up my friends. Take advantage of the phenomenon. Clean, sort and minimize! If you aren't local to me, perhaps you could organize a swap in your area. This is a fun time and everyone feels good walking away with new-to-them stuff, leaving old-to-them stuff behind, and donating to a good cause. A win/win/win situation, really!

Click here to read a post I wrote after researching clothes swaps.

So, are you going to do it? I bet your friends are feeling the phenomenon, too. Take advantage and have yourself some fun!

Happy Day!


  1. Mindy ~
    That is such a great idea!
    I used to go to one
    when my girls were little
    and we would exchange kids
    clothes ~
    Have fun!


  2. The cleaning and editing itch hits me every year at this time. I now count on it and I'll say "i'll deal with that after Christmas" knowing that I will truly feel like dealing with it at that time.
    Good luck with your swap.

  3. What a great idea! I have such an urge to take everything off my walls, shelves & furniture but I need to do it at Leola's too. Maybe I'll just take a nap. Jan

  4. Waiting until the weekend to have the cleaning bug hit me, so still enjoying the tree.

  5. I have not even begun to put away Christmas. Still have videos to edit! lol The clothes swap idea is way cool!

  6. Dearest Mindy!

    What an incredible idea! Hmmmm....let's see...I put all my warm weather clothes in footlockers for storage...then try to find a place for the Cold weather clothes...and every year...I find things I've never worn...funny when I donate these things...I struggle with the "but I might wear it feelings"...push through it I tell myself...and sure enough I never miss one item...

    BUT your idea sounds so creatively fun! Now why am I surprised by that? It's a Mindy kinda thing! SMILE!



  7. Hey Mindy - I screamed outloud when I read this post "YES, I FEEL IT TOO!" The fact that we always have a real tree does actually require quite a bit of cleaning after we take it down but it's more than that - something about putting things back up the attic makes you want to reorganize every closet!

  8. Hi Mindy
    Had a few of these in the past years always such a blast. Great time and fun sharing new treasures. Happy New Year my friend, much blessings to you this year!


  9. Oh I could so use a clothing swap. Wish you lived closer. Happy New Year!

  10. So much fun! Makes me kinda wish I lived in Texas. ;-)

    Hope you get some great cold weather clothes!

    I actually spent a good chunk of today going through stuff and purging. It just makes you feel good.


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