Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating at Home

How is your Christmas transformation at home going?
Chain Chain Chain
A couple years ago, I decorated my dining room windows with this rusty, old chain and ornaments.

This year, I am going with pearl swags and oversized bling.
My Dining Room
Understated can be fun, too.
Dining Room Windows
Love these big crystals!
Dining Room Table
The dining room table got blinged up.
Dining Room
That is Bumpkin, aka Bunky. She's all about the bling!
Christmas Goose
I hope your home is turning into your own beautiful version of Holiday Happiness!

Happy Day!


  1. Mindy, I love seeing your change ups! And that is def the biggest and best bling ever. Love the tree, too! Great job!Lezlee

  2. Looks great. I like the bling too. Did you paint that little white tree?

  3. My house looks just like it did last month. Dirty and undecorated. Maybe the mood will hit soon. However, your home is looking loverly!


  4. Lezlee, have I ever told you how I love it that you are my first comment? It's just fun! And I always enjoy your input!

    Pam, I did not. It seems that when they age, they do that. Interesting.

    Malisa, when I graduate (I mean retire), I will come help you decorate! In a few years, that is...

  5. Hey girl...reckon I could borrow one of those crystals to wear at Zapp in the spring? You know how I feel about big bling...the bigger the better and that is some kind of big honkin' better!

  6. Thanks for the sneak peek Mindy! It's fun to see how others jazz up for holidays! Is Bunky a dog or miniature bear? And did he get up there himself?

  7. Oops! Silly me....SHE'S a cat! Nevermind...now I know how she got up there!

    Note to self: call eye doc in a.m.

  8. you need a cream colored tree garland. i'm putting one aside for you right now.

    good GRIEF but i love it!!! mine looks like Santa threw up in my house...

    i'm moving to yours with Bunky.

    ;-D robelyn

  9. Pretty decorations! I'm curious if your table things are self-stick-velcro adhered to the table to keep Bunky from knocking them off. I have cats and everything in my house has velcro attaching it to a surface, ha ha ha! Beth

  10. Debbie, you'll need some big chain to hang around your neck if you want to wear this bling! haha

    Cassie, you got it. Bunky is a girl cat. ha!

    Robelyn, bring it.

    Beth, I don't have any problems with any of my 4 cats knocking stuff over. Now, if either of my sister's cats came over, everything would be on the floor. Isn't that funny? I suppose my cats are more dainty or graceful or something?

  11. Mindy

    I am all for the BLING!!! It looks amazing. Great photos of your nest. Have a great week!!


  12. Your table looks SO festive and fabulous, Mindy. Just love your blinged up look for the holidays.

  13. Everything looks fantastic. I love the table decor even sweet Bunky :) I have a few things out, but not the total Christmas yet. I am so far behind on everything.....I haven't even picked up a tree yet. Hopefully I will get it this weekend ;)

  14. OOOOh so much magic...love the bling!
    Beautiful Mindy, as you are


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