Monday, March 21, 2011

Show Talk

Friday, we'll be opening up our show at Zapp Hall. This Friday. Uh huh. Friday, the day after tomorrow, and the next day and the next day. Friday, March 25. Oh my stars! Where did January and February go?

If you are the proper type and if you are waiting for an invitation, well here it is:Invitation
My friend, MALisa of Pent-Up Photos , made up this sweet little invite. Love it! Thanks, Mal!

This past weekend, David and I made a run out to Zapp just for grins.
I was driving along, and there, in my lane of traffic, was a turtle. All of his body parts were tucked in tight, so I guess he was taking a nap. David loves me dearly, because when I turned around, he very kindly, of his own volition, got out, woke up the turtle and gave him some free air travel to the side of the road.
2011March20_Zapp Run 004
If you look by David's left hand in this next picture, you'll see the turtle, wondering "What on earth just happened?"
2011March20_Zapp Run 005
We're lovers of nature. Go figure.

So, yes. I have been shopping! We have rented bookoos of space at Zapp this year! One big ole tent for The Primitique, plus another one that we are sharing with Robelyn of redneck chic. Can you say product? Big stuff. Little stuff. Cute stuff. Rusty stuff. Pretty stuff. Nice stuff. Funky stuff. Outside stuff. Inside stuff. Old stuff. Quirky stuff. And that's just what I'm bringing. Robelyn has been slaving away, preparing for your visit, too!
2011March20_Zapp Run 001
Back to the trip. We always stop at Las Fuentes in Somerville for refreshments. I highly recommend the beef flautas.

Here I am flirting with the camera man, aka David. Isn't he the best, playing in the antique business with me? Love him!
2011March20_Zapp Run 002
For those of you not in the know. If you get yourself close enough to Round Top, Texas, then you need to get you and yours to Royers for some pie. Pecan Pie would be my recommendation. With ice cream. Seriously.Us at Royers
Oh! I bet you'd like a sneak peek of goods we packed up for the show! Ok. Check it out.
2011March20_Zapp Run 008
2011March20_Zapp Run 007
I need to go iron and pack clothes for 12 days. And maybe I'll shop some more. Yeah...

See you soon!


  1. Mindy looks great! Good turtle save! Wish I could be there. Bring back some good junk! judy

  2. Hey Mindy, have a great show. That blog party sounds like so much fun. Have David take a lot of photos for those of us that can't be there. Please! Hugs, sandi

  3. Choosing which and packing which is always the hardest part for me!
    BTW...did you get David's "nose" in that photo?

  4. I am so excited to see you on Friday! We are heading out Thursday...with trailer in tow. Save some good stuff for me and see you soon! Oh, and way to save the turtle.

  5. Hey, Mindy, my daughters and I will be there for both Saturdays. We can't wait to see all of you. I saw my first patch of Bluebonnets last Friday, here in San Antonio, and when I see bluebonnets, I know that junkin' time in Warrenton is just a few days away.


    Carol Casey

  6. Dearest Mindy!

    Have a wonderful time! Y'all look so CUTE in the photos!

    When things slow down a bit...check out my 3/24/2011's a special "Thank You" for the beautiful belt buckle!




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