Friday, March 18, 2011

Fish bait

Fish bait, originally uploaded by BlueIzNTexas.

I don't know why, exactly. But, I was highly entertained by this truck on the highway. Fish bait. It sounds like a line of clothing or linens or socks with toes designed by redneck chic, doesn't it? I want to trademark the word, for some future idea. Heck, I would be tempted to call a store that. Don't you know a whole new clientele would be darkening my doors!

Fish bait. Maybe I'm just tired from all this Zapp Hall excitement and it's a flop. What do you think?

Fish bait.

Happy Day!


  1. I like the way it says FISHBAIT on one side and BAITFISH on the other. Are those interchangeable? Are they the same or different? Are there two different compartments in the truck?
    I like funny/odd stuff like that too - and not just when I'm loopy. :) And I think it would be a great name for something... not just fish food.

  2. Well... for some reason I haven't offered up my opinion...

    but let's just say - i have your future design...
    and the way it's laid out - it could be whatever you want it for.

    ;-D you need a shirt that says, "fishbait"

  3. Karin, I think they are two tanks, and two different things. But, I don't know for a fact. Maybe I'll have a country and western band one day...Mindy and The Baitfish....hmmmm

    Robelyn, thank you for being my designer.


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