Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Belt Buckle Jackpot

Sometimes, I feel guilty because life is so good to me. Ok. No I don't. But, I am spoiled. For sure!
2011March8_finds 003
Look what I got today. A box load of belt buckles!
2011March8_finds 011
This one right here? The redneck chic fell all over herself to call me and tell me she wants it. Z28. She is such a redneck!
2011March8_finds 001
Ok. Maybe I'm a redneck, too. Cuz, I was so happy when I saw all these buckles!
2011March8_finds 001
Are you drooling?
2011March8_finds 002
Which is your favorite?
2011March8_finds 012
Giddy up!

Happy Day!


  1. I like the one on the bottom left the best, but what a haul!!!! Lezlee

  2. I like the z28 buckle....had one of those cars back in the day.

  3. Ooooo...what a bunch of beautiful buckles! Hmmmm, which one do I like best? Now that'll take some time to figure out!

    Congratulations and you know what they say...GOOD THINGS COME TO GOOD PEOPLE! You deserve the best!


  4. Mindy like those buckles! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am wearing my necklace I got from your place. Love it! judy

  5. Mine has to be the Mustang.

    Great find, See you on the 27th.

  6. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO hand me that Z28 and I'll create some red.neck AWESOMENESS! LOLOL

    And - I'll take the rest of 'em too!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  7. I like the horse buckle... I imagine I could make some jewelry out of it! ;-)


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