Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who knew?

When we decided to move The Primitique into an old storage building on our land, we had no idea if "they would come". After all, it does take a country road or two to get to us. You know. Folks have to drive past cow pastures. They have to watch the deer cross the road. With this cooler weather, maybe they even roll down the windows and breath.
2011October1_TheP 005
To shop with us, folks have to drive a few miles without a traffic light. Traffic jams are reserved for other shopping experiences. Parking? No problem. We have a few acres available for parking.
2011October1_TheP 008
Since we are only 20 minutes east of Rockwall and 20 minutes north of Terrell, it only takes one trip for folks to realize we aren't that far. As we help 'em load their treasures, they assure us they will be back. And they come back. Who knew?
2011September29_The P 005
Who knew that word would spread? Who knew that we would continue to enjoy the company of our regular customers and make new friends? Who knew that The P could succeed without overhead and regular hours? Folks seem to like the one on one shopping experience. They have taken to the One Touch Rule (mentioned here).
Metal Madness
We have prayed big.
Pray Big
We have been surrounded by love.
Love is all you need
I am thankful. And grateful. And dad gum happy!

Rumor has it, The Primitique is worth the drive. Who knew?

Happy Day!

ps. We have a facebook page, where we update pictures almost daily. You can click here to view new and old merchandise. And by all means, make an appointment and come see us!


  1. I am so happy it is working out for you! I would certainly drive 20 minutes to go see a great place like that. If I am ever in your "neck of the woods" I will call for sure!

  2. Very exciting - no overhead is a really good thing!

  3. That's awesome! It sounds like a win-win situation!


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