Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Birthday Gifts are at Opera House Gifts

Your calendars are marked, right? You know that tomorrow is my birthday, right? In case this fact is sneaking up on you, I am here to give you some gift ideas. Have you been to Opera House Gifts & Decor in Terrell? Let this be your shopping destination. (please, let this be your shopping destination) I'll take anything from this boutique!
The Shingle

My high school buddy, Michelle, and her mom, Connie are the proprietors of Opera House Gifts at 106 E. Moore Ave.

Mother and Daughter

They saw me eyeballing everything when I attended their Falliday Open House a couple weeks ago. Yes. I came home with a bag full of goodies, but, I would love more. You can't go wrong with gifting jewelry. Just sayin'. And, those lamps are swoon worthy, aren't they?
Love me some Jewry

The boutique is fully stocked with an assortment of fine, quality "gift" items. I bet you could pick out a beautiful scarf for me!
Scarves, etc

Look at all these sweet baby goodies! Nah. I don't need baby stuff. But, those lamps under the birthday tree (birthday tree?) would make me smile real pretty!

Now. See these gray, metal flowers? The pair. Do you see them? Those. I want those. If each and every one of you were to kindly gift me with this pair of flowers in gray, (available at Opera House Gifts & Decor in Terrell, at 106 E. Moore Ave in Terrell, Texas) I could make some major magic in my house! It could be a virtual gray, metal flower garden in Poetry!

Michelle said she could special order them for each of you. (she didn't say that, but I bet she could) The phone lines are open. Operators are standing by. Feel free to call 972-551-3600 and place an order. I'll even go pick them up if you can't deliver. I love these. Seriously.
I. want. these.
Opera House Gifts & Decor (click for more pictures) is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10-6 and by appointment.

Drop by. Give 'em a holler. Check them out. They will spoil you, I guarantee! And if I were to get spoiled in the process, well that would be perfectly fine.

Tell 'em I sent ya! And by all means, buy something for yourself while you're there. You deserve it!

Happy Shopping!



  1. Mindy, congratulations on your move to your property. Sure makes it nice when you can step out your door, not to mention rent! And by the way, Happy Birthday!!!


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