Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello, Friends and July!

Howdy! A big thanks to those of you who have emailed, called, been in touch. I am good. The truth is...I miss y'all! I miss reading about you and your lives and kids and businesses and dreams. I guess you could say I have been quite busy with my life, kids, business and dreams. Here's a synopsis:

The Primitique
2011June4_The P 013

has officially been in Tipsy Tango
Tipsy Tango

for one month.

Meet Patty:
Patty Smiles
Just when I thought a door had closed, God opened one that I wasn't even looking for. Patty is a good thing. And I am so much enjoying sharing my business with her! If you haven't made it by yet, come on out. 116 W. Main St, Quinlan, TX, daily from 10a-5p.

As for children, our last hen, Opah, died.

My sister and I are officially out of the pet chicken business. We're a little sad.

I got together with some gals I went to high school with...
Cindy, Missy, Me

(Of course, that is a redneck chic pocketbook and vintage slip, along with a Rebekah Blocher necklace)

Several months back, David purchased 10 acres on which we plan to build our future home. We walked and marked an area where we wanted our pond. This week, the pond digger has been digging. It is sooooo exciting to see progress!
2011May25 - Wednesday

And now, for my decorator friends (and as a teaser) ((and as an incentive for me to blog again soon)), here is a picture that I took of my den last night.

2011June30_Art 001

I played a little today and this looks different already. I'll try to show you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I sure do hope you are staying cool and you are enjoying your family, life & dreams!

Happy July, Friday, long weekend!



  1. Congrats on your move to Tipsy Tango! Your space looks wonderful and Patty looks like a peach!
    How exciting about your future home with David. Can't wait to read and see the progress.
    Have a wonderful summer from your ND friend!

  2. Yes, it is difficult to keep up with blogging! I don't know how so many do it. Glad you are happy at your new location!

  3. Hey Mindy....!

    GLAD to hear you're well Lovey....!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your business venture....I'm sending positive vibes you do well EVERY week.... :o) !!

    Sorry to read about the passing of your last chook though, I'm BEYOND EXCITED to learn you & David have purchased land & are planning your Dream Home together....Can't WAIT to watch your progress here when you have time to share....!!

    Happy HAPPY 4th of July to you both....!

    Cheers from Oz where our Independence is a way aways **sigh**,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Shirley KalinoskyJuly 3, 2011 at 5:41 AM

    Love the new site and your property is really nice too. Are we hearing wedding bells in the near future?

  5. I thought maybe you left blogger for Facebook! Has Facebook been good for merchandising?
    Glad to know you two are taking a big step!
    Good luck! Susan & Andy

  6. Susan, blogger has been so persnickity lately. When I do post, spaces appear that I never put in and it's a pain to edit. FB is quicker and easier and interaction is just as easy. Yup! We are excited about building our future together.

    Shirley, the bells will come in due time. ha!

    Tamarah, so good to hear from you! I love that you mentioned "EVERY week". You are so ON. Every week, we like good sales. For sure!

    Pam. We need to get together.

    Cassie, when are you coming back? We can head over to the new place and stand in the middle of the dry pond together. Or, if you wait long enough, we can take the paddle boat out, when the pond is full!


  7. heehee

    I still love those gold chairs!!! And... I'm sad about Opah!!!



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