Monday, August 25, 2008

Gettin' Down to Bidness

Primitiques has been open since September 5, 2007.

My business partner, Jeannie, is that small town, business owner of the Poetry Feed and Seed. Most folks know it as "Jack's Town and Country". Jeannie and I joined forces last year and together have enjoyed developing Primitiques, which is located inside Jack's. With my primitives and her fine pieces, we have collaborated on an interesting look. It's a fun look you can carry over into your home.

This past weekend, David (my love) and I spent an entire day cleaning, dusting, resetting. I am excited about the new "flow". More work will be done this week on smalls. But, if you are out for a ride in the country, come out and see what we've done.

To whet your appetite, above is a picture taken in my home recently. It's the same look I try to carry over into Primitiques.

Happy Day!


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