Monday, November 9, 2009

My Saturday

What a fun weekend! Saturday, my friend Mayron and I hit the road. Destination: Waco. More specifically, we were headed to see Troy and Rod of Junk Exchange. They were having a warehouse sale. Yee haw!

(On a side note: I have been blogging for over a year now, and I know I am supposed to use my camera and make you feel a part of the adventure. But, I didn't use my camera on the trip. I'll try and write really well today to make up for no pics.)

Back to the story...So, we drove to Waco without even one stop. We visited with Troy and Rod and put a small dent in their inventory. Here's a pic (after the fact) of some of my goodies.
2009November7_Finds 006
You might know, there are a lot of great places to shop in Waco. We had discussed going to those places. But, a lady diverted us with stories of wonderful antiques in Hubbard, Texas. We head that direction, with excitement in our hearts.

The first place we hit had some lovely items. And then a bee or wasp or demon from you-know-where bit, stung, left it's mark on my hand. Did I mention it hurt? Mayron and the shop lady asked what they could do for me and I told them to pour on the sympathy cuz I was hurting!

Next stop? A lovely antique mall in Hubbard. And would you believe? I spotted Daphne's goodies! Daphne is a dealer at Winnie & Tulula's. Apparently, she is a franchise. Great stuff. Anywho...yes, I put a small dent in their inventory, too.

Then, on to Malakoff. Lillie of Winnie & Tulula's has a shop in Malakoff called Junk Palace, and she is closing the doors of business there. Do you know what that means? Sale! I love sales. Don't you? Yes. My hand still hurt. But, it was a nice salve, the great, sale prices.

My favorite purchase from Lillie? This kick booty, love it, love it, love it desk from the Cisco, Texas depot. Not the Home Depot. The train depot. History. Gotta love it.
Desk from Cisco
Green, turned legs. Be still my heart. I had just the place for it in my very own home. I thought. But, it doesn't work. Dad gummit. This might have hurt more than the insect incident. It is now for sale at Primitiques. Come and get it and love it!

Saturday night was Date Night. Yee haw! Time with my honey.Link Now that was a great Saturday!

Happy Monday!


  1. Tell me...did he kiss the booboo and make it all better?
    Sounds like y'all had a great time in spite of an angry bee/wasp/critter!

  2. You had a great junkin' day, too! That same lamp base with the Declaration of Independence caught my eye, so I'm glad you snagged it.
    I feel a trip up your way coming you ever go to Canton?

  3. Debbie, I sent him a text and he immediately called me and kissed it over the phone. Don't you love this man?

    Anne, it was lots of fun! I do go sometimes. Holler when you come this way. I'd love to share some egg nog with you!

  4. I have heard lately to rub a penny over an insect sting... but a kiss over the phone my be better... only you would know. Great finds! Mindy you're too cute and funny. If yaw decide to come Canton way I will cut you such a deal on Le Shiloh Shabby Chateau... let me know cause it sleeps four... and it's so private and close to Canton...girly fun

  5. Mindy you had some kind of busy weekend, must have covered a few miles. So worth it though to find great stores and great junk. That desk is totally awesome. Love those green legs!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time, except for that unfortunate sting, Mindy. Hope the sting is gone by now.

  7. Wow, Lee! That is an offer that I will have to take up some time, whether it's a girls trip or a romantic getaway. Thank you!

    Zita, the stinger is actually still in my palm. From one angle, it itches. From the other, it hurts. Ugh. ~Mindy

  8. My "little something" was mailed today, so hopefully you'll get it by the end of the week! It's just a way to say thank you, and send a little fun.

  9. Sounds like you had fun never knew there was anything in Hubbard. Will have to remember that next time I got that way.

  10. The desk is beautiful! Sounds like a good Saturday, minus the bee sting.

  11. How's the sting? I know, I know, I'm late in offering my sympathy...

    It sounds like you had a blast!!! Isn't Daphne's stuff so fun? *wistful sigh* I can't believe you grabbed up that FANTABULOUS bedspread!!! I'm STILL kicking myself for carrying it around for an hour and then setting it back down! LOL And the desk? That is GORGEOUS! It would make me WANT to work...and that's sayin' something! HAHAHAHA

    have a good one!
    ;) robelyn

  12. Mindy, use meat tenderizer on a sting. Make a paste out of the tenderizer and water and slap it on heavy. It works!!! Okay, I am considering the table from Cisco. Can you send me the dimensions and the price? Good to be back!



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